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General Purposes

According to National Strategy Plan (USDEP 2023) and Report of Natural Hazards Special Commission of Tenth Five-Year Development Plan, Determination of Earthquake Risks of Existing Building is the one of the Primary Targets of Turkey.


The Probability of Occurance of an Earthquake with Magnitude of higher than 7 is %41+-%14.


Verification of Principal of Turkish Earthquake Code (2007) and Rapid Safety Assessment (RBTE, 2013) is the Main Aim of the Project.


Special Purposes

Two existing structures will be tested to obtain


Interstorey drifts,

Concrete strains,

Steel strains,

Plastic rotations,


at different damage levels towards realistic assessment of seismic performance limits.


Additionally, effective stiffness, damping ratio and natural period will be measured by dynamic tests (force vibration and ambient vibration) at different damage levels.